Our team supports you throughout your engagement and on your wedding day.

At Posh and Prim, our aim is to support you, so you don't have to look back on your engagement, only to remember the stressful planning involved. When you desire a positive planning experience and an enjoyable engagement, we will help you masterfully plan your wedding, so it's an elaborately seamless production, free from chaos. Our wedding planning team is led by the love and passion of Erika Piquant and Lorna Marshall, who've combined their strengths and experience to build a team of qualified planners, ready to serve and support you.

Erika, Floral Designer, Serving  Dallas/Ft Worth , Texas

Erika, Floral Designer, Serving Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas


My home has an open-door policy, which  means we're always hosting elaborate dinner parties and house guests. That same welcoming philosophy carries over into the Posh and Prim core values and how we serve you. We help you host the experience of a lifetime, treating you, your family, and friends as the remarkable guests of honor you are.

I'm Erika - Owner, Principle Planner, Floral Designer, and Event Designer serving Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas.

It was the experience of planning my own wedding to the love of my life that led me to become a professional wedding planner. When I plan your wedding, you have access to more than 10 years of event mastery, design styling, and creative artistry.  Your vision and the comfort of your guests are always at the forefront of my mind.

Seeing your wedding come to life and the look on your face as we unveil your venue space for the first time are two things I cherish at the end of the planning process. When I'm not passionately preparing for your wedding, I'm pouring myself into my faith and my family. 

Some days, I'm sipping lemonade slow, and others, I'm slurping it down as I go from a calm and at-ease wife and mama to a productive powerhouse who is knocking out to-dos and big dreams. I'd love to be part of the day you've dreamed of since you were a little girl. 

Lorna, Principle Planner Serving Metro Detroit, Michigan

Lorna, Principle Planner Serving Metro Detroit, Michigan


I'm Lorna - Principle Planner, Business Manager, and Event Designer at our Posh and Prim Detroit location.

I find joy in putting all of the pieces of the planning puzzle together. At the end of a wedding night, no matter how tired I am, I'm on a natural high.

Your marriage and your wedding matter to me, which is why we've raised up a team of qualified professionals who support you throughout your engagement and on your wedding day.

When I'm not doing what I love for your love, I'm doing a lot out of love.

When I'm not living out my planning passion, I'm focused on my other passions: my husband, my children, my church, and my community.

If I'm not singing in the church choir or tackling administrative duties, you'll find me belly laughing with my children and trying to bring out the inner child in my husband. 

I'd be honored to hear your love story and talk about your wedding vision. 

Anita, Event Planner and Office Manager: Detroit

Anita, Event Planner

With an experience of 4 years in event and wedding management, Anita is now assisting in the planning and coordination of weddings for Posh & Prim at their Michigan office. She is a certified event planner from Schoolcraft College and is in process of completing her Professional Development Program with Association of Bridal Consultants. Anita has also coordinated and efficaciously executed several Indian weddings. 

From intimate western weddings to extravagant Indian weddings, her creativity, passion and trademark energy have fetched her many compliments from both, her bosses and brides. 

Anita realized her love for event planning when she planned and executed several team building and fun events including Fun Fridays, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, outdoor events/trips and formal corporate events for her fellow colleagues and friends at Accenture. In 2012 she finally quit her IT job to move on to her real #careercrush. 

When she is not planning fabulous events, Anita loves spending time with her husband and family, reading, writing poems, traveling and art. She believes that creativity is intelligence having fun!!

Happily married in an Indian style wedding since 2011, Anita wants to redo her vows the American way on her 10th Anniversary.