We believe your wedding should be as timeless as your love story.

At Posh and Prim, our aim is to support you, so you don’t look back on your engagement, only to remember the stressful planning involved. 

When you desire a positive planning experience and an enjoyable engagement, we help you masterfully plan your wedding, so it’s an elaborately seamless production, free from chaos.

Our wedding planning team is led by the love and passion of Erika Piquant and Lorna Marshall, who’ve combined their strengths and experience to build a team of qualified planners ready to serve and support you.



Pause for a moment. Do you remember the first time butterflies danced inside of you and goosebumps shot up your arms in the presence of your now fiancé? Do you remember the first time you disagreed and how love moved from a feeling to a choice? Do you remember how much you've longed for the moment a ring would reside on your left hand? Or how much you've longed to be his wife? Those feelings are easy to forget once you start planning. Allow us to plan your special day, so you can enjoy every second of this magical season.



Do you  imagine your wedding filled with fresh florals and delicate blooms that add life, vibrancy, and that extra touch? You know you need bouquets and boutonnieres, but you've seen how floral accents, expertly placed throughout a venue can elevate the wedding experience. Florals are a priority for your wedding design, but you're unsure of how to effectively integrate them into your overall design. At Posh and Prim, you get access to vibrant florals from high-quality vendors. We tailor a floral design specific to your wedding and vision.



At some point in your life, you've stepped into a venue and been whisked away by the intricate details surrounding you. Elegant lights steal your gaze, chic drapery makes you catch your breath, and perfectly-placed table settings keep your fingers moving across every ornate piece. Imagine your wedding with curated and matched décor, that is expertly-placed by an experienced stylist, eye-catching focal points that weave your style, theme, and love story into your venue space, design elements and lighting that create the mood, ambiance, and feel you want your guests to experience!

From Our Clients


”Lorna and Anita were exceptional when planning our wedding. I couldn't ask for a more perfect night. There was not one thought of worry in my mind all day. When I awoke the next morning, I was panicked as to where my veil and such were. Sure enough, everything was boxed up and organized in my hotel room. The team actually saved us a menu card and mine and my husband's place cards for keepsakes. I didn't even think of that! I would 100% recommend Posh and Prim to everyone I know!"

- Farah


"Bryon and I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work on our wedding day! We received compliment after compliment about how great you were. All of your special attention to details: walking us through the night's events, our first dance - which was my FAVORITE part of the evening - and cutting the cake made our night everything we'd hoped for. We were overjoyed to see a party in full swing when we arrived. You were such a blessing; you will always have a special place in our hearts."

- Lisa and Byron