We believe you can have an elegant wedding and an enjoyable planning experience

The anticipation and enjoyment meant for your engagement and wedding season shouldn’t be stolen by checklists, big dreams, frustration, or fights. While you may be super-organized and have an entourage of women willing to help, do you really want to spend your engagement elbows deep in admin and checklists? 

Wouldn’t you rather have your best friends and close family members dress shop with you, attend tastings, and meet with professionals while a professional planner schedules the timeline for an accurate flow of events, creates floorplans and layouts based on your vision, and helps you create a cohesive wedding that runs like the elaborate production it should be?

Say yes to a seamless planning experience and a gratifying engagement with couture packages created with the posh bride in mind. 



For the all-in couple who has busy calendars, demanding careers, a social life they don’t want to say goodbye to, and an over-the-top wedding to plan, this package was created for you. Get help with vendor research, meeting scheduling, and contract review. With access to a team of planners, our online planning portal, complete wedding design and styling, and rehearsal dinner management, wedding day management, and the day-after brunch management, this package lacks nothing and will give you the ease and confidence you’re searching for throughout your engagement and on your wedding day.


For the busy couple who wants support throughout your engagement and on your wedding day, this package is for you.

You’ll receive scheduling help, meeting attendance, RSVP management, etiquette and design advice, access to our online planning portal, and more.

When you’re organized, but want the help of a planning team who’s planned 100+ weddings as opposed to 1, this package will help you create an organized and unforgettable wedding.


For the couple who has hired a few vendors (or plans to), but wants some relief so they can enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime engagement experience and wedding day, this package is for you.

We’ll meet you where you’re at, bring additional clarity and guidance, and plan your wedding according to your vision.

You’ll have more free time and more space to enjoy yourself and soak up this moment, while we manage the process.


For the couple who has decided they want to be fully present on their wedding day and they want their family and friends to relax and celebrate too, this package is for you

We’ll meet with you in-person to ensure an easy transition and error-free hand over. We’ll confirm and double check with all of your vendors and manage your rehearsal and wedding day. Spend the month before you say “I do!” enjoying the time you have left and step into your dress rested and ready to celebrate.


For the go-getters who’ve cleared their schedule to plan their big day or have already planned their big day, but want some rest and rejuvenation leading up to their wedding, this package is for you. We’ll take over the process two weeks prior to your wedding, introduce ourselves to your vendors, and manage your ceremony and reception, so you and your family can enjoy the peace and excitement of your wedding day without rushing around.


I’m very organized; can’t I plan my wedding myself? 

It’s wonderful that you’re organized, efficient, and ready to tackle your wedding to-dos; that energy and commitment will undoubtedly help you.  We do, however, have vast industry knowledge and expertise. 

We get married 50 times a year, so we’ve mastered everything from how your timeline should be scheduled to avoid dull downtime or disarray to how to select the right vendors with your spending plan in mind. Our heart is that you would get to enjoy your engagement and wedding rather than spend all of your time organizing and planning it. 

My sister and family have offered to plan my wedding; do I really need a professional to help? 

There are so many ways to bond with your family and friends while planning a wedding. It’s great to have them attend tastings and dress shop with you, but there are many aspects of wedding planning that can put a lot of strain on your relationship. 

When you hire a professional planner, we help you create the elaborate experience most dream of. That type of once-in-a-lifetime event requires someone with insider knowledge, expertise, and experience. If you really want your wedding to be everything you imagine, you should still talk to a planner. We can help you designate what you can do with your family and friends and what we can take off of your plate. 

I’m super creative and want to have a say in my wedding; will I lose control if I hire you? 

We love our creative brides who have a vision for everything! We always say “we don’t take over; we enhance your vision!” We help you narrow down the overwhelming wedding industry and fulfill your creative vision through resources, industry knowledge, and practical experience.

Serving Dallas Fort Worth and the Metro Detroit Area.
The investment for our services begins at $1,450

We’d love to invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss your wedding vision.