Tigers Club

Comerica Park has already played host to Weddings...bar/bat mitzvahs, product launches...corporate meetings, speaker events...press conferences, holiday parties...fundraisers...luncheons "team building" exercises, corporate retreats...breakfast meetings and more!
The Tiger Clubs has a private entrance on Wetherill, a beautiful view of the Comerica Park field and scoreboard and an attractive exposed-steel and wood decor. 
Capacity : 400 seated/ 600 strolling
Catering : In House 
Photo Credit :  Mioara Dragan

Photo Credit : Mioara Dragan

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
but the fire is so delightful,
and since we’ve no place to go,
Let It Snow…Let It Snow…Let It Snow!
Photograph by: Anecdotally Yours 

Photograph by: Anecdotally Yours 

Are you kidding! Forget about the snow, we’ve got planning to do! Posh & Prim likes to think outside the snow globe of the typical winter colors and themes.

Wedding season is widely thought of as May through October, focusing more on spring and summer. And yes, many couples would prefer warmer temperatures for their wedding day, but not everyone should let the season determine their Save the Dates. Winter is the most wonderful time of the year, remember! It’s the perfect season to get extremely creative while evoking feelings of warmth and coziness to you and your guests.

There are many things that can be done to make your wedding day beautiful! One of our lead planners, Lorna Marshall, located in Detroit, Michigan (so she knows snow), suggests drawing inspiration from the season’s natural elements, such as berries, snowflakes, evergreens, and icicles to not only complement the surroundings, but also enhance winter’s elegance, romanticism, and beauty. If you stick to these design elements, almost any color palette you choose will be wondrous! 

Now, how to get that sense of coziness? Everyone loves a fancy cocktail hour filled with delicious hors d’oeuvres and drinks, right? Entertain guests with a hot cocoa and cookie bar or adding warm cocktails to your drink menu. For food, think about hot soup cocktails in a shot glass. These ideas are unique and leave your guests feeling cozy and warm.

For your overall wedding design, add touches of the winter season by incorporating elements throughout the décor. Using a snowflake shaped place card is simple and sweet. Using glass icicles throughout your floral arrangements and centerpieces will give just enough sparkle reminiscent of freshly-fallen snow. Candles and fires are a must to evoke a sense of wintery coziness. 

Other Winter Wedding tips…

1.       Have flower girls throw fake snow

2.       Have bridesmaids wear muffs,  faux fur wraps and warm fuzzy boots

3.       Bride can wear a pretty white cape to keep warm

4.       A horse-drawn sleigh - it’s a winter in wonderland style of transportation

No matter what, winter is always a great time for family to get together, snuggle next to those who you love the most and enjoy each other. Not to mention, this time of year is also a way to spend less and save more!

- Lorna Marshall & Nissa Aleman

Photography credit: Anecdotally Yours, J. Emile Photography, Allie Coyle Photography, Melissa Liu Ellis Photography

Autumn Tablescape... with a Twist!

Spice up more than just your grandma's apple cider this Autumn with a tablescape design that doesn't follow the ordinary fall themed colors or red, orange, and yellow, and brown. Think fun, think glam, think wow!

For this table, we decided to use colors that would instead, complement the surrounding landscape's coppers, golds, and burgundies found in the fallen leaves. Queue the navy pintuck tablecloth with just enough shine to add elegance.

Next, the florals, where we got super whimsical! Vibrant pinks, sherbert oranges, and limes - yes, actual limes! The texture is amazing, from the spiky mum, to the soft hydrangea, the classic rose, and then some seeded eucalyptus.

We kept the design airy and modern by adding touches of white, and kept the design glam by mixing in metallics, such as bronze, silver mercury glass, and gold. And for the stationary, designed by Little Yellow Leaf, a simple berry floral with a bronze table number. 

Keep things simple, yet polished with a bronze charger, ivory beaded napkin and a rose to top off the place setting.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 


A Friendship Turned Partnership

Posh and Prim is officially up and running, lovelies! And to kick off our launch week, we are going to give you the beautiful back story of how and why this new company became a reality.  Meet Erika Piquant and Lorna Marshall, both of them wives, mothers, savvy business women ready to take on the world, one check-list at a time. This is their story of coming together…

“It was fate!” Both women say with a laugh, Lorna’s loud and bubbly, Erika’s a smiley giggle, when I ask them how they began this amazing friendship. Well, yes a pinch of fate, a dose of small-world antics, and a shared passion for planning, specifically wedding planning. It all began at a networking event, in 2009 Detroit, Michigan. At the time, both women were a year into starting their own businesses, Erika with Eco-Posh Events, and Lorna with It’s Your Day. Immediately, they admired each other’s style, set up a career-driven coffee date, and their friendship instantly unfolded. “Sometimes being an entrepreneur gets lonely. It’s a lot of work! And we both were young mothers, trying to navigate parenthood while running a business. It was nice to be able to lean on one another and support each other professionally.” Erika explains.  And to top it off, they found out that their husbands were coworkers – crazy!

The reasons they became fast friends are the same reasons why these two professionals make a powerhouse of wedding planners. Erika is the business woman - great with marketing, sales, budgeting, building relationships, and has an eye for design. She also is friendly and enjoys making people feel welcomed. Lorna is the energy – always open to trying new things (especially anything involving electronics and technology), keeping things light with her silliness and good-natured humor, and loves working with her clients. She is also able to stay calm throughout stressful situations, she’s considerate of others, thinking of their needs first, and is very humble.

Their complementary personalities bring a balance to the business, so each woman can do what she loves and is gifted at.  Lorna comments, “We are the yin to the other’s yang. She is strong where I lack and vice versa. We are a great team, we simply blend well.”

But what the duo agrees upon wholeheartedly is the importance of family. Erika just celebrated ten years of marriage to her husband, Hudney, and they have a 9-year-old daughter, named Akira. Erika strives to lead by example for her daughter, pushing Akira to think outside the box, wanting her to know that she truly can be whatever she wants and that she will be happy doing what she loves.

Lorna has been married 12 years to her husband, Tymon, and they have two children, a daughter, Jade, who is 16, and a son, Jordan, who is 10. Their personal goals of creating quality family time, whether it’s taking time off to travel or staying home one day with a sick loved one, has sparked their professional goal. The main goal of their new company, Posh and Prim, is to create a dream team of wedding planners that can operate efficiently, so when any employee needs to take time for her own life, no one feels guilty, and above all else, clients’ weddings can carry on perfectly.

Erika sums up their relationship perfectly, “We aren’t just business partners, we are sisters in Christ, and friends.   We care about each other’s life.”

Check out our about page on our website to read more about our Principle Planners, Erika and Lorna!

Nissa Aleman

Photo Provided by JLB Weddings