So you took those beautiful engagement photos & shared one for your save the date.  Now the wedding is soon to come but no one had the opportunity to see all the poses that you took.  

Don't just let those photo sit in a coffee book in your living room.  Display them at your wedding.  Below are 5 ways to display your engagement photos at your wedding.     

Tip #1 - Table Numbers

Use table numbers as some of your photos. A lot of times, even for myself, I took these wonderful engagement photos but they are just sitting in a coffee book on my table because I didn’t display them. It’s been 11 years since I’ve been married.  So I didn’t find or come up with creative ways to display them so I want to help some of my clients and find ways to display them. So one way is to use your table numbers.

Display your table numbers. Instead of just having the table number with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 1-12, add a photo! Have an event stationary designer actually do that and put a table number on top of it. Then you can give those to your special family and friends. They will take them home as a keepsake. They’ll love it! Instead of just having a paper number displayed, have an actual picture. This is one way you can display your engagement photos and have a different photo at each table.

Tip #2 - Guestbook

Another way is instead of doing a traditional guest book where you sign your name and have everyone’s address, have a photobook with blank sheets and let people sign their names and give warm wishes. Those are things that you can go through and read some stories and read some wonderful things about it. Have a photobook with your engagement photos in there. I have even found in some cases what people will do is find their favorite photo of them and sign their name.

Tip #3 - Slideshow

Another way to display your engagement photos is to have a slideshow during your cocktail hour. During that time, people are usually mingling and chatting. If you have a venue with the white wall, you can display and project it right on the wall. But even if you don’t, you can still display it during your cocktail hour. It has great conversation. It’s not taking away from anything because people are mingling and conversing during that time as well.



Tip #4 - Card Table

A lot of times we are there looking for our names but give it some pizazz. Most times I suggest a floral arrangement, but instead a floral arrangement, you’d have to get some very nice frames themed with your wedding. So if you’re vintage, get some nice vintage frames. If you’re into bling, get some nice bling frames and you can find and display your three favorite engagement photos so people can see them.


Tip #5 - Programs

We have a clever way you can actually display some of your engagement photos in your program. If you’re telling a story in your program of how you guys met. Of course it may incorporate some other photos. But that’s another creative way.

You want them to be memorable. Not just order of service with your name. Because if it has photos people tend to keep them for keepsakes. So you want to make your engagement photos part favor-ish all at the same time. So if you really want programs, make sure you have some images in there and that will help people to keep them.

I have seen one that had the story of the grooms parents, story of the bride’s parents and they had their wedding photos. Then it showed a photo of the bride and groom as kids and then their engagement photos. It was shaped like a little heart. It was really unique.