Noah's... A Designer's Dream


As a wedding planner, I absolutely love this space! Modern and sophisticated elegance, plus a great staff on hand is a planner's dream come true. Also, it provides a variety of spaces, such as both indoor and outdoor ares for entertaining. I will definitely be recommending this venue to my clients!

Noah's Launch Party Shot by Moontage Films

Here's what Noah's has to offer: 

"NOAH'S is a classically beautiful event venue that was built with you in mind. At NOAH'S, we understand that every couple has their own style, budget and vision for their wedding. NOAH'S provides all of the event essentials for your special day as well as the flexibility and tools to make the wedding of your dreams a reality. NOAH’S includes all of your essentials—tables, chairs, tablecloths, setup, take down—as well as many other included options that you can customize to fit your style. Choose from multiple colors of tablecloths and uplights for no extra cost, or utilize our patented movable ceiling technology that allows for decorations to be suspended in the Main Hall." - Noah's website

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Photo Provided by Steve at Moontage Films